Producer + Drummer + DJ

Apple Juice Kid x Okayplayer x illroots and are partnering to release the latest album from The Apple Juice Kid, Miles Remixed, available as a FREE download from both sites.


This is a moslty instrumental album using only Miles Davis samples, that was originally intended to be a modern soundtrack to a movie about the life of Miles Davis.  The last track features Yahzarah and Raheem Devaughn, two very talented vocalists that I loved working with.  I have been a huge supporter of Okayplayer for a long time, ever since my former band Sankofa was opening for The Roots, and am extremely excited to have Illroots partner with them to release this album for FREE!!!

The album is produced by the Apple Juice Kid, 8 Time beat battle champion, drummer, and producer:

Also featuring musicians/artists, Matt Brandau(bass), Mark Wells(keys), DJ Merlin(cuts, mastering), Daniel Hart(violin), Reed Benjamin(cover art), and Drew Valentini(cover art).

For more info:

Thanks for listening,
Apple Juice.

Next Chapter: Camp Lo, Freebass 808La Universe


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